Saturday, January 31, 2009

Do You Need Ideas For Your Next Ezine Article?

Writing ezine articles is one of the best business-building activities you'll ever invest time in on the Internet. They can be used in tons of different ways to generate free web site traffic, build lists, brand your name, earn affiliate commissions and produce sales of your products and services.
They are, unquestionably, a vital part of any successful internet marketing campaign.

However there still remains a lingering question - WHAT should I write about in my ezine articles?
I want to share with you some brainstorming ideas that will allow you to easily come up with a couple dozen (or more) hot ideas for your upcoming ezine articles. I'm going to briefly share seven (7) fill-in-the-blank article starters along with a brief explanation to help you get started writing attention-grabbing content.
When you're ready to write your next ezine article, consider one of these not-yet-overused formulas...

01. What To Do When [Enter Problem Here]. The idea with this article is to offer a solution to an existing problem by matter-of-factly addressing the issue being discussed in the article. "What To Do When You Need To Lose That Last 5 Pounds" points out a problem many dieters face and hints that the article will reveal a method for overcoming this barrier. This article's pointed style makes it a sure read.

02. Can [Enter Solution Here] Help [Enter Problem Here]? Similar to number one above, this article poses a question while emphasizing both the problem and the potential solution. What really works here is to ask a "curiosity-building" question by providing a solution that doesn't seem to fit with the problem. For example: If you're trying to re-grow hair on your balding head, could you resist reading, "Can Cheerios Help Thicken Your Hair?" I don't think so.

03. Should You [Enter Activity Here]? (Take This Quiz). People love quizzes. They especially love to see how they measure up in some area that they are particularly interested in. That combination makes this another ezine article that gets a lot of views. "Should You Quit Your Job And Start An Internet Business? Take This Quiz!" is going to attract every dissatisfied, looking-for-greener-pastures, internet marketing wannabe on the block.

04. 7 "Must Ask Questions" for [Enter Activity Here]. This is a perfect article for the entry-level beginner in any particular field. "7 'Must-Ask' Questions for First-Time Homeschoolers' When Choosing Curriculum" is just about a guaranteed read for all new homeschooling moms and dads who don't want to blow it for their kids. (Note: The "number" of must-ask questions can be whatever you prefer.)

05. 3 [Enter Topical Adjective Here] Lessons from [Enter Pop Culture Reference]. By using references to popular culture events, characters, television shows, news stories and trends, you'll be able to get some cheap mileage from existing "hot buttons" of the general public.

06. Mastering [Enter Topic Here]: How to [Enter Tutorial Statement Here] Part 1. This is a superb article idea for a series of related tutorials. The word "master" is a bit overused at times in marketing circles, but it means to "become an expert" at something or to "achieve dominance" over something. Who wouldn't want to "master" their activity of interest? That's why "Mastering Weight Loss: How To Shed 12-15 Pounds in 30 Days, Part 1" and other articles in its form make for much-read content.

07. What Kind of [Enter Desirable Object Here] Is Best For YOU? We all want what's "best" for us, don't we? "What Kind Of Internet Business Is Best For You?" indicates there is something revealed in the article that will allow me to determine which of the options available to me is best suited for me. This is a really solid article to point others towards additional resources (such as special reports, mini-courses, etc.) where they can get specific information about which of the "options" mentioned in the article is most interesting and compatible with them.

So, there you have some great ideas to get you started on your next ezine article.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Affiliate Network Search - Which Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting?

There are many sad stories about affiliate programs and networks. Some people are even wary of joining one having heard these stories over and over again. They may have heard stories related to illegal programs or pyramid schemes. Basically, this kind of market doesn't have real, solid product, and you wouldn't like to be associated with these schemes.

It's obvious you want to join a program that offers high quality product that you will readily endorse. The growing number of those who have joined already and are succeeding vastly is proof enough that there are reliable and quality affiliate programs out there.

Participating in an affiliate program has a lot of benefits: It allows you to work part-time, it gives you the opportunity to build a generous residual income, and it makes you an owner of a small business. Affiliate programs have already created lots of millionaires. They're the living testimony of how hard work and continuous prospecting pay off.

If you are going to join one, you must take note that you are getting into something that is patterned to what you are capable of. This will be an assurance that you are able to do anything to become successful.

How do you choose a good affiliate program to promote?
Here are some tips you need to look over before choosing one:

A program that you like and have interest in. One of the best ways of knowing if that's the kind of program you wish to promote is if you are interested in purchasing the product yourself. If that's the case, chances are, there are many others who are also interested in the same program and products.

Look for a high quality affiliate program. For instance, look for one that is associated with many experts in that particular industry. This way, you are assured that of the standard of the program you will be joining into.

Join in the ones that offer real and viable products. How do you know this? Do some initial research. If possible, track down some of the members and customers to give you testimonial on the credibility of the program.

The program that's catering to a growing target market. This will ensure you that there will be more and continuous demands for your referrals. Make inquiries. There are forums and discussions you can participate in to get good and reliable feedbacks.

A program with a compensation plan that pays out a residual income and a payout of 30% or more would be a great choice. There are some programs offering this kind of compensation. Look closely for one. Don't waste your time with programs that don't reward substantially for your efforts.

Be aware of the minimum quotas that you must fulfill or sales target that is too hard to achieve. Some affiliate programs imposes pre-requisites before you get your commissions. Just be sure that you are capable of attaining their requirements.

Select one that has numerous tools and resources that can help you grow the business in the shortest possible time. Not all affiliate programs have these capacities. Make sure you decide on one with lots of helpful tools you can use.

Check out if the program has a proven system that can allow you to check your networks and compensation. Also check if they have it available online for you to check anytime and anywhere.

The program that offers strong incentives for members to renew their membership each time. The affiliate program that provides continuous help and upgrades for its products have the tendency to retain its members. These matters can assure the growth of your networks.

Be aware of the things that members are not happy about in a program. You can do your checking at discussion forums. If you know someone in that same program, there's no harm asking if there are many downsides involved.

Have a thorough and intensive knowledge about the affiliate program and network you will be promoting on.

Knowing the kind of program you are getting yourself into will make you anticipate and prevent any future problems you may come across.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Niche Marketing - Why Do I Need It?

In marketing, a niche refers to a service or a product that occupies a special area of demand. It's that small corner in the market that accounts for a certain kind of specialty affecting an unmet customer need. The choice of a niche product should ultimately complement the website one owns, to be capable of attracting a strong, solid market. It is through this scheme that he will generate a specific market for the niche product he is trying to sell.

Niches are involved in niche marketing, the process of finding market segments that are small but still potentially profitable. To maintain a profitable quantity of sales, this marketing strategy relies on increasing the loyalty of customers so that their corporate objectives will be met or exceeded. It's the fact that the quality of the product or service sold will generate customer satisfaction and, therefore, customer loyalty. The result is profitability earned through a solid market base that trusts in the ability of the product or service to truly deliver.

One of the great things about niche marketing is that it encourages those who indulge in it to be unique and one-of-a-kind. Here one is not forced into the lion’s den and made to compete against established marketers. He/She is made to occupy a strong and secure position that ultimately wins him a real place in the market. Niche marketing differs from other online marketing strategies because this particular quality allows it to operate almost autonomously and without having to contend with corporate sharks that tear each other to pieces.

One of the most important things that should be thought over by those involved in this type of business is the niche business that's going to be involved in the process. It's important to consider the type of business that one is going to work on to be able to ensure himself of the success that he hopes to have. It is also important to know everything about the niche business at hand. One of the things that one could do to make a niche business prosper enormously, is to learn the tricks of the trade in.

Another consideration to make is being able to reach the niche market. In doing so, one should know the exact phrases that people are searching for. The use of tools can help a lot to know the type of keywords that should be used to make the business profitable. Targeting the right keywords does a lot in making this type of business soar.

Those who engage in niche marketing know that checking the potential of a niche before doing everything else is a must if one wants to save all the time and effort that might be wasted if he plunges into everything head on.
Building a niche marketing site that proves to be profitable should be done after an unsatisfied customer demand is identified, and marketing the site suitably by reaching out to customers the best possible way is what niche marketers should consider if they want their business to reach skyrocketing success.

Is niche marketing needed in a world teeming with a hundred like systems designed for people to make money online? Those who know how the system works will answer in the affirmative, because niche marketing is the only system capable of filling up a gaping hole in the market by catering to the unsatisfied needs of customers - needs that are usually not given notice by those in the big league. Though with niche marketing, one is able to gain a foothold in the market by being a needle in a haystack. It may be small and invisible, but its ability to sting someone so madly once it is found, will make him more than surprised.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to Start Making Real Money From Home With Affiliate Marketing

Make money fast online with affiliate marketing.

This might be the advertisement you see over and over again about affiliate marketing. This is the most common mistake that people make once they get into affiliate marketing, being human enough, you get enticed into these promises and expect wide-eyed for the money to come in immediately.

A lot of newbies have fallen victim by those who are promoting the business with enough success, but later on, they realize that they are not actually making the kind of money being promised. And they thought that affiliate marketing was indeed a simple business.

Many of you may have heard so many wonderful things about affiliate programs. You may have also heard of testimonials of people who are earning more money by endorsing the products or services of other people.

And why not? The commissions you will get are more than great. All you have to do is spread the word out to the right people and soon they'll be making their way to your affiliate sites.. It all seems very easy. Not really.

Getting into many and various affiliate programs.

Many newbies think that affiliate marketing is a numbers game. So to be successful, they would need big numbers. These marketers would try and get into every affiliate marketing program in the hope that the more programs, the more profits.

Getting into several affiliate marketing programs don't work. Rather than concentrating on one and giving it your best shot, you are torn between which ones to put into first place and which ones should be last.
Ultimately, your affiliate marketing will not work the way you expect it to.

Beginner affiliate marketers forget one thing, that is to concentrate on one product or service firstly before they could go on getting more than they could handle.

Affiliate marketing like other types of businesses is a continuous learning process that has to be researched on and learned to be able to have an initial idea what it is you are marketing about.

First of all, you have to know more about the product or service being offered. It would be best if you are able to buy or use that same product so you can truly tell something about it to your potential customers.

Second, is to know the most effective way to market them. Is your strategy working or does it seem to end with you getting nothing and trying all over again? This is only one of the important questions you should ask yourself once you're into this kind of business.

You may begin to wonder how the super affiliates make it appear too easy. Like you, they didn't begin successfully. They have also experienced the same things but finally have learned the strategies that would make their affiliate marketing much better.

- It's best to try and focus on a program at one time, if you've just ventured into the affiliate marketing business. By doing this, you'll get to learn a lot about the business and how to run it smoothly.

Besides, you will have the opportunity to learn about sales writing techniques to get the attention of people. Presenting your ad is one of the most important things that makes affiliate marketing work. Without these things, your marketing will not be as successful and as effective.

- Try to input some enthusiasm into your business. Your readers will sense that feeling in you and they will be able to catch the enthusiasm you are radiating. For example, when you are reading a book, the emotions being conveyed are getting through you. You get to feel what is being written.

This is the same way with affiliate marketing. If you are confident enough about what you are offering, you will feel so strongly about it that you can encourage other people to feel the same way.

- Try to find an affiliate marketing program that you trust in and follow it through. It won't only give you the proper credibility but it will also give you the enjoyment of promoting something that you like.

For the newbies out there, get into one affiliate program and see how well you can make it work. If all else turn for the worst, there are still others there waiting for you.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website - Sales Army Secrets

Best Affiliate Program Site Traffic IncreaseThe One Traffic Tool Every Product Owner Should Be Using Daily

What if there was a magic bottle that you could rub and a traffic genie would pop come out to beckon to your every internet marketing command?

you’d be quite happy to have it in your possession, right?

Well, in a manner of speaking, such a genie exists. He/She exists in the form of an “affiliate manager”.

An “affiliate manager” is someone who oversees the operations of an affiliate program in exchange for compensation.

And, out of all the traffic “tools” on the market, the affiliate manager is the one that you should be using daily in your business if you own your own product. Why?

MORE TRAFFIC, which results in more revenue for you.
But, specifically, there are 3 reasons why you need an affiliate manager...

• Recruiting;

Your affiliate manager can recruit new affiliates into your program for you. Instead of you spending time trying to find (and then convince!) affiliates to join your program, your “affman” can do this for you while you focus on other things.

• Rewarding;

Everybody knows that simply getting people to join your good affiliate program isn't enough. It takes more effort to get passive affiliates to become (and stay!) active. An affiliate manager is responsible for motivating your team to remain involved in your promotions.

• Running;

Beyond getting affiliates into your program and making sure they stay active, your affiliate manager can “run” as much of your operations as you would like to. Here are just a few things an affiliate manager can do...

- Creates training materials
- Write follow-up mailings
- Communicates with affiliates
- Answer affiliate support questions
- Monitors contests and incentive programs
- Posts to your blog
- Circulates content (article directories, etc.)
- Clerical stuff (creates rebrandable files, etc.)

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Perhaps the best part of hiring an affiliate manager is the fact that it doesn’t have to cost you a penny in out of pocket expenses. That is, you can setup your agreement to be performance-based: you pay the affiliate manager a percentage of the total revenue generated through her/his efforts.. the more revenue he/she brings in through the affiliate program, the more will earn.

Now, the question is – ** Where do I find an affiliate manager? **

Actually there are quite a few ways to find QUALITY affiliate managers for your program. Let me share just one...

One of the easiest ways to find an affiliate manager is to visit your favorite affiliate marketing or internet marketing forum and post a request asking for recommendations or responses for your needs.

You can do this in two ways:

1. Post a PUBLIC Request:
i.e., you post a message for everyone to see, with brief details on the position you have available and that you are looking for recommendations or interest to explore further.

2. Post a PRIVATE Request:
The other option is to identify those participants at the forum who appear to have experience and/or knowledge in affiliate marketing who might be good affiliate manager material. Then, you would simply contact them privately to see if there's an interest in discussing your needs.

Running your own affiliate program is a wonderful traffic generation tool, but it has a lot of parts. There are several different activities that are involved in successfully running an affiliate program, and hiring an affiliate manager to oversee your operations is a great way to free up your time to create additional products and other “creative” work.

A good affiliate manager can bring in affiliates, train and motivate them, and run your operations for you. His/Her efforts will bring in the traffic; your efforts turn the traffic into orders.

It’s the closest thing to a traffic genie in a bottle that you’ll find. Rubbing is optional. Using this strategy isn’t.

Sales Army Secrets, is full of meaty details on ways to find affiliate managers, how to structure your agreement with them and tasks to have them handle.
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