Saturday, May 24, 2008

Build your massive MEGALIST today - FREE!

MyMegaList is taking the net by storm! You need to get in, don't delay! It's an awesome viral marketing tool... It's FREE to join!
And you can now earn CASH, just by building your MegaList!

Do you know what every successful online marketer says is the bar-none, top-of-the-list, number one way to guaranteed success for any online venture?

The answer is simple...

Building and marketing to your own subscriber list on a regular basis!

When you develop a list of opt-in subscribers, you are creating an ocean of warm prospects... folks who are FAR MORE LIKELY to buy from you, join your affiliate programs, join your network marketing plans, or take advantage of your offers.

It USED to be hard... but not anymore!

Many marketers will tell you how difficult it is to build a solid list. And many of the net's most successful marketers have spent years building only modest-sized lists.

But now there's a whole new way to LEVERAGE your efforts into a MEGALIST of monstrous proportions! And it doesn't have to take years...

you can get started right now! Free!

There is nothing like this on the net. This is not a "safelist". This is a completely different way of building a huge subscriber list to which you can mail on a regular basis!

It's called, and it uses the awesome power of

"automatic viral marketing" to snowball your efforts into a bigger and bigger list! MyMegaList actually helps you... automatically... get new subscribers!

All you do is refer people to sign up for your list by becoming members of MyMegaList. And then, anyone they refer is also added to your subscriber base. And anyone they refer, and anyone they refer, and so on... for five full tiers!

This "multi-tier" affiliate program approach turns your list building efforts into a viral marketing bonanza! Want to see how big this can get? Check out the math.

This auto viral machine works with All list building programs... they have no competition. If you belong to any list build program, tell them about MyMegaList and tell everyone in your MyMegaList about ANY other list program you belong to. It's a perfect fit and it's all about sharing good resources.

And best of all... it's absolutely free!

And not only can you use the MyMegaList multi-tier affiliate program to amass your own gigantic list, but you can even mail to them once a week right from your password protected web page admin area. Just log in, enter your message and click to send! And it won't cost you a penny.

Why spend hundreds monthly for a web based mailer from some other service when you've got an easy-to-use one built right into your own (free) MyMegaList account?

Earn Cash while building your MegaList!

In addition to the awesome viral marketing power of the MyMegaList list-building machine, you can also earn CASH... just by building your MegaList!

How does it work? Simple!... Anytime someone you refer upgrades to Pro Membership, you'll be paid a full $10 quickstart commission! It's that easy! And then, every single month that subscriber remains a Pro Member, they'll pay you a $2.50 residual commission! Month in, month out! Forever! For work you've done just once in sending a new Pro member! Do you see how powerful this is? And it doesn't matter if you are a Pro Member or a Free Member... you can build a MegaList AND a residual income stream totally FREE! Just sign up, let them know where to send your commissions, and they'll take care of the rest!

It really is as easy as 1-2-3!

MyMegaList is built in such a way that you will never be bombarded with member messages like safelists. You will only receive a handful of messages per week, max! Maybe even only a couple weekly, or even less, depending on whether your sponsors fully use their weekly quotas! And not only that, but when YOU send mail, you can be sure your subscribers are getting it, because the system architecture prevents users from using throwaway email accounts that never get looked at. It's a win-win for every member!

Don't wait to get started! This list building machine is a no brainer (simple to use, simple to promote, and it's free!) and is already sweeping the net... don't let YOUR potential subscribers slip away into someone else's MyMegaList... Get on board and sign up today!

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