Saturday, May 24, 2008

Get to the NUMBER ONE result on Google and Yahoo for 5 keywords FREE

Free revolutionary submission service. Get the NUMBER ONE result on Google FREE and Yahoo PLUS hundreds of other search engines for 5 keywords FREE. GUARANTEED!

Use 1on40's 100% FREE submission service and YOUR site will be NUMBER ONE on Google, Yahoo and 38 other TOP search engines for FREE.

Use this search engine submitter once. Experience the revolutionary FREE service and watch your web site shoot to the FIRST result of Google, Yahoo and 38 other TOP search engines in 120 days for your 5 keywords, then pay (bid) to stay at NUMBER ONE position. YOU try this service, see how it works for yourself without risk. EARN from the results and then finally pay a small fee (bid) to carry on being NUMBER ONE on Google plus 39 other TOP search engines.

This FREE offer only exists while they are BETA testing their service.
Try it now for FREE before they release the ‘paid for service’.

Pay nothing for this unique service until you see your web site at the NUMBER ONE position on Google and the other 39 TOP search engines for the 5 keywords. Get top result for once - FREE.

Once at NUMBER ONE position they will leave YOUR web site there for 7 days to prove their ground breaking service. Then you need to start paying (bidding), for their 'THEN PROVEN' service and carry on having tested the service without risking your money like you would on other ‘hyped up SEO services that under perform or simply do not work’.

It costs nothing to give it a try... You have to see it work to believe it, therefore they don’t charge you a dime until you have - GUARANTEED. *

It's FREE. You can EARN thousands before bidding/paying for keywords.
YOU cannot lose! Join now as a client and go to NUMBER ONE.

Become an affiliate to EARN a MASSIVE income from giving this unique service away during BETA period. Join now and get paid credits to bid on keywords or CASH in for £20.00GBP/$40.00USD subject to terms. It costs nothing to join 1on40.

What would you pay to get NUMBER ONE result on Google and EARN £1 Million GBP/$2 Million USD net profit from YOUR existing web site or business risk free? YOU pay 1on40 nothing until you get to NUMBER ONE then you bid on keywords to stay there.

Are you ready for the number of clients, sales, join ups, referrals, sign ups or paying members that will buy from or join your web site in 120 days time from now? I don’t think you are...

Many of 1on40's clients are overwhelmed with the HUGE volume of sales traffic they get. The testimonials speak for themselves and just in case you haven’t noticed yet, this service is FREE during BETA.

To save on time and your site’s bandwidth make sure you select where you want traffic/sales from. During the SIMPLE two minute submission process YOU can target worldwide sales traffic or refine your traffic/sales to come from a specific continent, country or state (USA only). This maximizes your conversion rate and makes YOU more money with lower overheads as administration is reduced and bandwidth is only used for processing orders from relevant nationalities.

1on40 will never refuse or fail to put YOUR web site at the NUMBER ONE result on Google + 39 other TOP search engines unless your site promotes or incites pedophilia, racism, slander, defamation, hate, violence or anything similarly distasteful or illegal. If your web site is found to be of an illegal nature your details will be handed over to the relevant authorities swiftly and 1on40 will assist in any prosecution. The service will submit and GET the NUMBER ONE position for any other type of web site on the TOP 40 top engines within 120 days for FREE.

Try it for FREE, check the results, confirm it's in the NUMBER ONE position, see the traffic, collect the income from your web site and THEN bid for the keywords. What could be better?

You’ll want to stay at the NUMBER ONE position when you see the increased profit your business web site generates. Bidding costs approximately ONLY 10% of YOUR net profit from your web site business so it works out to be a FANTASTIC offer - one that YOU simply shouldn't miss.

Make sure you know what you are doing! Read the testimonials to find out what you are letting yourself in for and get ready for NUMBER ONE result on hundreds of search engines to include the TOP 40, click here.

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