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How to Increase Traffic to Your Website - Sales Army Secrets

Best Affiliate Program Site Traffic IncreaseThe One Traffic Tool Every Product Owner Should Be Using Daily

What if there was a magic bottle that you could rub and a traffic genie would pop come out to beckon to your every internet marketing command?

you’d be quite happy to have it in your possession, right?

Well, in a manner of speaking, such a genie exists. He/She exists in the form of an “affiliate manager”.

An “affiliate manager” is someone who oversees the operations of an affiliate program in exchange for compensation.

And, out of all the traffic “tools” on the market, the affiliate manager is the one that you should be using daily in your business if you own your own product. Why?

MORE TRAFFIC, which results in more revenue for you.
But, specifically, there are 3 reasons why you need an affiliate manager...

• Recruiting;

Your affiliate manager can recruit new affiliates into your program for you. Instead of you spending time trying to find (and then convince!) affiliates to join your program, your “affman” can do this for you while you focus on other things.

• Rewarding;

Everybody knows that simply getting people to join your good affiliate program isn't enough. It takes more effort to get passive affiliates to become (and stay!) active. An affiliate manager is responsible for motivating your team to remain involved in your promotions.

• Running;

Beyond getting affiliates into your program and making sure they stay active, your affiliate manager can “run” as much of your operations as you would like to. Here are just a few things an affiliate manager can do...

- Creates training materials
- Write follow-up mailings
- Communicates with affiliates
- Answer affiliate support questions
- Monitors contests and incentive programs
- Posts to your blog
- Circulates content (article directories, etc.)
- Clerical stuff (creates rebrandable files, etc.)

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Perhaps the best part of hiring an affiliate manager is the fact that it doesn’t have to cost you a penny in out of pocket expenses. That is, you can setup your agreement to be performance-based: you pay the affiliate manager a percentage of the total revenue generated through her/his efforts.. the more revenue he/she brings in through the affiliate program, the more will earn.

Now, the question is – ** Where do I find an affiliate manager? **

Actually there are quite a few ways to find QUALITY affiliate managers for your program. Let me share just one...

One of the easiest ways to find an affiliate manager is to visit your favorite affiliate marketing or internet marketing forum and post a request asking for recommendations or responses for your needs.

You can do this in two ways:

1. Post a PUBLIC Request:
i.e., you post a message for everyone to see, with brief details on the position you have available and that you are looking for recommendations or interest to explore further.

2. Post a PRIVATE Request:
The other option is to identify those participants at the forum who appear to have experience and/or knowledge in affiliate marketing who might be good affiliate manager material. Then, you would simply contact them privately to see if there's an interest in discussing your needs.

Running your own affiliate program is a wonderful traffic generation tool, but it has a lot of parts. There are several different activities that are involved in successfully running an affiliate program, and hiring an affiliate manager to oversee your operations is a great way to free up your time to create additional products and other “creative” work.

A good affiliate manager can bring in affiliates, train and motivate them, and run your operations for you. His/Her efforts will bring in the traffic; your efforts turn the traffic into orders.

It’s the closest thing to a traffic genie in a bottle that you’ll find. Rubbing is optional. Using this strategy isn’t.

Sales Army Secrets, is full of meaty details on ways to find affiliate managers, how to structure your agreement with them and tasks to have them handle.
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